UniEco Turbo Expander
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UniEco is a professional joint venture that specialized in Turbo Expander Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Services. Developed with the world-class of Turbo Expander technology, our products can find their applications in Air Separation, Natural Gas Liquidation, Cryogenic Process, Re-utilization of Waste Gases and Waste Heat, as well as Energy Recovery. We are determined to devote ourselves to energy-saving and emission-reduction, by innovative methods of optimizing the utilization of unharnessed energy.


Air Separation

Turbo expander works as the key equipment in the Air Separation Process. The efficiency of the expander determined the productivity of thesystem.

Gas Liquefaction

Turbo expanders can also be applied in Gas Liquedation such as liquefying Natural Gas. Safety and Reliability is the most important requirement in this Industy.

Gas Pressure Reduction

The kinetic energy is usually wasted during gas pressure reduction process. Our Turbo expander can be used to replace the the pressure reduction valves, to convert kinetic energy into electricity and cryogenic energy.

Waste Heat to Power

Industrial heat waste is huge and can be recovered to generate power through

LNG Gasification Process

The LNG gasification process.

Diversified Energy Recovery and Re-utilizing

The principle of energy recovery is turning unharnessed energy, such as wasted heat, unused kinetic energy of gas emissions, into usable energy like electricity,mechanical energy, cryogenic energy, etc. These energy recoveries can be achieved through the expansion process to drive the rotating equipment, forexample, compressor, booster, generator, blower, pump and so on.




Most advanced software with intellectual property right optimized the key rotating components’ performance.

Unique Bearing Design helped to reduce mechanical lose and improved package efficiency.

Low pressure lube oil system simplified the package design and improved reliability.

4 patents on components design have been granted in U.S. and 21 patents have been granted in China.

The modularization design process made it easy for different package combination and customized applications.